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Science of Paper Packaging

Economic Impact

Single-use paper packaging has also been found to be more cost-effective than its reusable counterparts.

The implementation of reuse models comes with substantial added operating costs, including increased labour, water, and energy expenses, as well as the cost of sourcing materials for reusable packaging.

These costs can range from €1 billion for limited reuse in dine-in settings to a staggering €15 to 20 billion for comprehensive reuse across various items and distribution channels.

Economic Performance

What you need to know

Individual restaurants would experience a 270% increase in yearly packaging costs, and the single-use packaging supply chain – encompassing packaging suppliers, eating and drinking establishments, and consumers – would lose between €171 and €194 million per year.

Managers would also face issues such as theft and logistical problems.

If single-use packaging were banned, smaller family-owned businesses like bakeries and coffee shops would bear the brunt of the economic impact, while larger outlets would experience a smaller impact on their margins.