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Paper Packaging

Recyclable and recycled

Paper is one of the most recycled materials, and its fibres have extensive secondary uses.

Recyclable Paper Packaging Plastic

What you need to know:

Compared to reusable plastics, which are either not yet recyclable or not possible to recycle, recycling the fibres of paper packaging is a significantly more eco-friendly option.

The European Paper Packaging Alliance prioritises finding concrete solutions to increase packaging recycling rates and reduce carbon emissions from food and food service packaging without compromising food safety or human health protection.

In Europe, the average recycling rate currently stands at 82%, with some countries achieving even higher rates. The industry has committed to reaching a 90% recycling rate by 2030, surpassing the European Commission’s target of 85%. This ambitious goal highlights the collective dedication to environmental sustainability and showcases the industry’s determination to exceed expectations in driving positive change.

Recyclable Paper Packaging Cups

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