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(Brussels, 3 August 2023) — The European Paper Packaging Alliance (EPPA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Fredrik Davidsson as its new Vice President. Fredrik succeeds Eric Le Lay who has contributed significantly to EPPA’s mission over the years.


Welcoming the new appointment, EPPA’s President, Antonio D’Amato, said:

“I express deep gratitude to Eric Le Lay for his co-founding role and outstanding work as former President of EPPA. Welcoming Fredrik Davidsson, we stand at a pivotal moment for our industry. The forthcoming revision of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) by the European Parliament and Council requires our insightful contributions based on scientific evidence.

The European institutions, Member States and industry have worked together over the past 30 years to create the world’s most effective paper collection, sorting and recycling infrastructure. Our industry is committed to supporting and further developing this circular economy, which is the only one capable of delivering economic growth and competitiveness while simultaneously improving Europe’s carbon and water footprint.

However, we voice concerns over the current PPWR text, which contains measures potentially leading to increased CO2 emissions, health risks, food waste, and freshwater consumption and would all have substantial impacts on European industry, agro-food operators and retailers. It’s imperative that EU policy be driven by scientific facts.”

Commenting on his new role, Fredrik Davidsson said:

‘”I’m thrilled to join the Board of the EPPA at such a pivotal time. With the European Union in the midst of negotiations regarding the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation, this is a critical opportunity to help shape the future of packaging in a way that promotes sustainability, responsibility, and economic vibrancy.

In autumn, the European Parliament’s ENVI Committee will vote on the PPWR report. I urge the committee members to consider the numerous advantages that paper packaging brings to the table.

In addition to its inherent safety features, paper packaging aligns perfectly with the principles of the circular economy. It is renewable, recyclable, environmentally performant and easily integrated into existing waste management systems. ”

Davidsson will assume his role as Vice President of EPPA effective immediately.