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2023 is a year of new beginnings. After spending some time as Managing Director of the Federation of envelopes, light packaging and e-commerce packaging in Europe (FEPE), I am delighted to now be appointed Director General of EPPA.

I am more than honoured to take this position in this challenging period when the packaging industry faces profound challenges, including the upcoming revision of the European legislation on packaging and packaging waste.

I will devote my time to make sure that the latest science showing the benefits of renewable and recyclable paper packaging is seen by policymakers and taken into account in their revision of the packaging rules.

Our message is clear and will not waver. Rationality and science must trump preconceived ideas and suppositions. Robust and independent studies have found that from an environmental, economic and sanitary perspective single-use paper packaging presents significant advantages over reusable alternatives in many contexts. At a time of water scarcity and an unprecedented energy crisis, we must do everything we can to promote the products that will have the least strain on the environment and consumers’ purchasing power. Single-use paper packaging is such a product. Let’s champion it.