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Following today’s (24 October 2023) vote in the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) of the European Parliament, EPPA’s Director General Matti Rantanen made the following statement:

Today’s very close ENVI Committee votes on Articles 22 (42 to 38 votes) and 26 (41 to 39 votes) of the PPWR represent a significant setback for the EU’s efforts to reduce plastic waste. Forcing the widespread adoption of reusable packaging in the food service sector will result in a rise of up to 1500% in the volume of rigid plastic packaging, causing increased water stress, CO2 emissions and plastic pollution while costing up to €20 billion and increasing complexity for consumers and business owners. This will also seriously impact the agrifood industry, the backbone of several EU countries.

As we approach the upcoming plenary session next month, we urge MEPs to consider the positions put forward by the ITRE and AGRI Committees and to adopt a more balanced and science-based strategy for packaging waste reduction. One that is firmly rooted in real-world data, the latest scientific evidence and the best environmental outcome, rather than one based on ideology.