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Now France, too, has realised the PPWR is not fit for purpose.

When the proposed packaging rules hit close to home, the flaws in the proposal start to be noticed. French policymakers have realised there are fundamental problems with the PPWR that must not be underestimated and risk changing the character of iconic national products. These underlying and overseen impacts highlight the issue that this revision of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation risks becoming yet another European disaster if not amended.

Food packaging is not some mere useless decoration but plays an essential role in its product’s shelf life, protecting the contents and consumer health alike. Moreover, it also distinctively enhances the product’s qualities and unique identity. That’s what’s behind the recent French furore over Camembert packaging.

The draft PPWR risks putting an entire European food industry in peril when it should be protected and supported. An industry that accounts for over 30% of Italy’s GDP and is equally important to other member states.

France’s wake-up call about the risks of an excessively ideological PPWR comes at the last minute. But it could serve as a useful warning for those who have so far underestimated the devastating effects this legislation could have on the competitiveness of the European economy, with extremely negative repercussions for employment and the environment.”

[Context: Le Figaro story relating to the PPWR threat to French cheese]